Sunday, November 7, 2010

Paul Revere Lanterns ~ Authentic Reproduction of North Church Lanterns

(Lanterns are SOLD!)
We are selling these registered and commissioned Bicentennial Lanterns on our website at

Here the pair is pictured on their Walnut or Mahogany bases. The bases are 9.5 wide x 9.5 deep and are 1 3/8 inch thick. They have a 1/4 inch green velvet covered recessed well where the lantern sits.

Research shows: These are exact museum reproductions of the famous Paul Revere~Old North Church Lantern made available in 1975 as an official bicentennial collectible. Only 1000 pairs were sold and were produced in sterling silver.

The pair we have are numbered EP1021 and EP1022. They were commissioned by the Concord Antiquarian Society of Concord, Mass.

We are asking $750.00 for the pair (under market value) plus travel and insurance.

They truly are works of art that will keep on giving, immaculately clean and show just a few marks on the wooden bases in the upper finish.

If you have questions or can offer any additional information, please contact us through our blog or the Picture Trail.